Noce Out Italian Porcelain Tiles (IT0067)

Noce Out Italian Porcelain Tiles 225mm x 900mm (IT0067)

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Pack contains 6 tiles. Each tile measures 0.2025m2
Pack measures 1.215m2. Price per m2 was £43
  • Materials, colours, textures and details are designed carefully and passionately, so that your floor can tell a story, reliving the sensations and memories that transform any home into a unique, special place
  • A uniquely genuine sensation is created by the incredibly authentic veins and shades of colour, with no two pieces exactly the same, perfect for guaranteeing a beautifully smooth overall effect
  • Nuances offers you the feel of wood where you would not normally expect to find it: even in the shower, where mosaic provides an attractive solution to the problem of floors that slope down to let the water away
  • Nuances stands up to rain and frost, and the high-quality porcelain stoneware does not fade in the sun
    • 225mm x 900mm Porcelain tiles
    • 10mm Tile thickness
    • Rectified edges
    • A distinctly textured surface, ideal for outdoors, with R11 coefficient of friction and anti-slip classification C(A+B+C)
  • R11: If a tile has this CoF as a minimum, dry and wet, it may be regarded as safe for installations including bathrooms, kitchens, porches, halls, cloakrooms, and living rooms. They may also be used for public areas such as cloakrooms, lavatories, communal showers, swimming pool surrounds, and larger areas such as shopping centres, airport concourses, hotel foyers, public walkways, etc.