Noce Italian Porcelain Tiles (IT0066)

Noce Italian Porcelain Tiles 225mm x 900mm (IT0066)

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Pack contains 6 tiles. Each tile measures 0.2025m2
Pack measures 1.215m2. Price per mis £43
  • Materials, colours, textures and details are designed carefully and passionately, so that your floor can tell a story, reliving the sensations and memories that transform any home into a unique, special place
  • A uniquely genuine sensation is created by the incredibly authentic veins and shades of colour, with no two pieces exactly the same, perfect for guaranteeing a beautifully smooth overall effect
  • The authentic feel of natural material for indoors: hard wearing and reliable, ideal throughout the house, in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Nuances offers you the feel of wood where you would not normally expect to find it: even in the shower, where mosaic provides an attractive solution to the problem of floors that slope down to let the water away
    • 225mm x 900mm Porcelain tiles
    • 10mm Tile thickness
    • Rectified edges
    • A matt surface with R9 coefficient of friction
  • R9: Mainly smooth glazed tiles which will record this low value when wet. These tiles should only be used in dry areas and should be excluded from wet environments