Isn’t that always a hot topic?

Ok, so you have chosen your dream kitchen and now you have to tile it. What should be your next step?

It’s not uncommon to hear from people that you should choose small tiles to use behind your kitchen. As this area can be quite limited (usually the height between the cabinets and the worktop is about 60cm ) people feel it would be a nightmare to use larger format tiles.

we believe it is time to break this myth

We are sure that you have seen all the hottest trends with colorful metro tiles laid in herringbone, brick or other patterns and if this is your style, go for it!

But if you are a person who hates seeing many grout lines and wants a nice easy to clean surface then large tiles is the answer.

What you envy in magazines, you can actually have it!

Just follow the next 4 steps

1. choose size and shape

The most effective way to figure out what is the best size for you, is to measure the width of the kitchen wall you will need to tile, so that you can see with which size you will need less cuts.

You can go for square or rectangular depending on what you like , usually a rectangular tile will make your space look even longer. Choose from a range of 30x60cm to 45-120cm.

Smart tip!

Check your sockets as well as they will need to make cuts in your tiles around them so it’s always good to plan ahead.

If you have a small kitchen again there is no reason to be afraid, as larger format tiles will make your space look bigger cause you will have cleaner, less busy surfaces due to less grout lines.

2. Choose finish

After you choose what size would work for you, you will need to find the style of the tile.

The first think to choose from would be gloss/polished or a Matt finish. Many people prefer gloss as it reflects more natural light and it may make your room look brighter.

if your cabinet doors are made in gloss finish we would suggest that you go with a Matt finish to create some contrast in the textures.

800x800mm Origini Crux Grey Italian Porcelain Tiles (IT0098)

Pack contains 2 tiles. Each tile measures 0.64m2 Pack measures 1.28m2. Price per m2 was £50.00 now £40 Dialogue between styling and personality, to enjoy spaces in sync with nature in its most contemporary form. Merging affinities. Natural materials, contemporary visions. Shades of colour that hint at nature. Everyday pleasures.

Grand Taps/£51.2

Statuario brilliante 60x60cm. Now £40/msq

One of our favourite styles to combine is the marble effect tiles with darker colour cabinets. So modern and refreshing it will bring light in your room while achieving effortlessly this luxurious look.

Artwork Sabbia Italian Porcelain Tile (IT0112)

4. Get samples

This is a very simple but important step. When trying to combine different materials together is best to actually see them live. So get samples from your kitchen worktops and cupboards when you are visiting tile showrooms to make sure you will get the finish you want not the one you thought you’d want!

Tiles can look very different from the pictures you see so we always suggest to go to a showroom ( visit our lovely Reading or Aberdare showroom!) or if your time is very limited, try to order some samples online.

And there you have it! With these four steps you can get the kitchen you want without regrets! Large format tiles will very soon become the new norm and we are embracing it!

Hope you found this article useful, let us know what you think! 💕

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